Thursday, December 13, 2012

No "exemption" for child abuse

The following article, about unlicensed youth homes/camps that are somewhat exempt from Child Protective Services due to their religious affiliation, is highly disturbing. This is not an issue about church vs. state or public vs. private agencies and which is better equipped to work with troubled youth. It is simply about abuse, and how no one should be exempt from the law when they are physically and mentally abusing children in our, or any, society.

I realize that there are some people who will say, “Why were the children put into these homes or camps in the first place?” The quick answer to this is “it doesn’t matter.” Quite simply, children from this article were, at times, tortured and beaten for such “crimes” as not doing enough push-ups, throwing up due to exhaustion, and complaining of injuries. And in typical oppressed fashion, they became terrified to speak. Child abuse simply cannot be tolerated for any reason.

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